Warminster and District Foodbank is a Community Foodbank staffed entirely by Volunteers providing emergency food and support to local individuals and families in crisis. 

Redundancy, benefit delay, illness, an unexpected expense can mean going hungry when you are on a low income – parents skip meals to feed their children and can  be forced to choose between eating and paying the rent. On average with the support of our local communities, we are able to distribute 25,000kg of food per annum to those in crisis.

By providing this food our Foodbank helps to prevent family breakdown, housing loss, crime and mental health problems. We also take the time to listen and signpost people to further support. 

Warminster and District Foodbank works in partnership with statutory agencies, health, social work, education. Their front line staff throughout our area assess client’s needs and give out Food Vouchers which are filled either at the Foodbank Centre in Warminster or by our distributors in Westbury, Codford and Mere who hold our Food Boxes